4 Things.

I do dislike PayPal. I have never had success with them, and from now on if something lists PayPal as the only payment option, I will pass on purchasing whatever I was originally planning on buying, or go find it somewhere else.

It seems to have good days and bad. It hates my debit card, but will sometimes accept my credit card - if it's in a good mood (or maybe it's the other way around). Apparently this month PayPal is not in a very good mood because it is refusing to accept my credit card. Too bad for PayPal because my bank account is full of money begging to be spent.

The other experience I have had with PayPal was when it decided to use my billing address as my shipping address. So, instead of getting the things I ordered in the timely, expedited manner that the website promised, I had to wait weeks for the items to be shipped first to Maryland, then to the UAE (where they should have come originally).

So I think PayPal and I are done. I'm tired of giving it extra chances to redeem itself. PayPal, you suck.

Now that was all very negative, and I am supposed to be focusing on the positives in life right now, so let's give this a go.

-I have been getting to break up the monotony of my days by visiting Al Ain English Speaking School for math class where I help my "mentor teacher", Mrs. Doig (her first name is Liz...no wonder we get along so well). It's nice to go into a school and actually do something and be appreciated.

-I like the weather here. It's a little bit weird to still wear short sleeves and sundresses as we approach mid-December, and unless you are looking directly at the Christmas tree it doesn't feel Christmassy at all, but I do appreciate not being freezing all the time!

-This picture cracks me up! Mom texted it to me the other day. It makes me happy every time I look at it so I set it as my cell phone background.

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