This Week

Even though there is an awful lot that I dislike about living here, one thing I like is that the work week ends on Thursday. We'll just ignore the fact that it starts back up again on Sunday for the time being...especially since it is half-term, so I have the next week off! (I do like that the UK educational system has a 1 week half-term break!! The US needs to catch up and Japan just needs to learn the word holiday in general!)

So, as I begin my week off (most of which I will spend completing assignments for this unit of my teaching course) I thought I would leave you with a few pictures I took on my cell phone this week. I want to start taking more pictures, but it's a bit much to carry a big camera around everywhere, so I am starting to use my phone more.

Sunday afternoon cappuccino at La Brioche. Bryn and I like to stop somewhere for a coffee after school/uni, but it's an expensive habit so we limit ourselves to once a week!

There was a bake sale at school on Tuesday. They stored all the goods in the PE office/teacher's computer room so I got to sample some stuff for free (it's a rough job...) There were some odd items though...can you spot the oddest of all?!?
(The correct answer - hot dog buns. Three hot dog buns, straight out of the bag! No hot dogs in site!!)

This is the House of Arts, where I take Tai Chi classes on Tuesday evenings. I love the class, and think I might actually miss it when it ends.

Wednesday was Sports Day for years 5, 6, 7, and 8 at school. This was part of their warm up - a little less synchronised than the warm ups at Amichu and Tachibana, but it looked way more fun!

My mentor teacher asked me to fill in for her at Sports Day since she is very pregnant. I was glad to help, and had the very strenuous (and boring) job of manning the rest station. I tell you what, those kids did not want to rest! Eventually I got them playing games and the time flew by.

Well, there you have it. My week summed up in 5 photos!

Have a lovely weekend!


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