Fall Withdraw

Would you believe that I, the Queen of Summer, have a bad case of Fall Withdraw? Living here has made me understand why I love summer so much...it is our reprieve from a long, cold, gray winter.  I thought I would love summer weather 365 days a year, but to be completely honest, I'm over it.  What's bringing this on? Why, social media of course!  If it weren't for people's Facebook statuses, Pinterest, and basically every other page on the internet, I probably wouldn't care less if it were 50 degrees out of 105!  But, when I see pictures like this, I just want a day that's cold enough to warrant drinking a hot chocolate in a cozy sweater!

Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate from The Londoner


However, seeing as it's still in the high 90s here, I would really have to crank up the air conditioning to make it feel right.

Then there's the clothes.  I keep seeing flannel plaid shirts, cardigans, jeans, cozy sweaters, scarves and boots, boots, boots!  I want them all!  They are all for sale here, but when am I going to wear a warm, a flannel shirt with a cardigan or leather boots?  It just isn't practical, but they are so darn cute! (All these pictures came from Pinterest.)

(I NEED that bag.  It is way past just wanting it.)

How can you not want it to be getting cooler when you look at things like that?! I am craving all of Starbucks' fall drinks (and the winter ones yet to come).  Every time I come across a copy cat recipe I am right on top of it! I'm even simply adding nutmeg or cinnamon to my regular coffee just to make it feel a little more autumny.

Then of course there's the fall leaves...man, I miss them.  Palm trees just aren't the same. (Pictures from Tumblr.)

Oh boy, do I miss Japan!

I know that one day, when I am living in a place with four seasons again and can wear and enjoy all of the above, I will complain and wish it were hot and summery all year around.  When that day comes, someone remind me of this post so that I can be reminded that we have four seasons for a reason.

Also, I really want a cat.

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