Weekend Warrior

Now that I'm working full time again weekends have become precious and I take them very seriously.  I'm normally pretty exhausted, so I want nothing more than to spend lazy days at home, doing the chores I have neglected over the week and just plain relaxing.  That was exactly my plan for the past weekend, but it was so pretty I decided to help dad with a project.

He had made a couple of bat houses to attract bats and maybe help keep the mosquitos down.  They were just plain, so he asked me to paint some bats on them!  We printed a simple template that I traced and then filled in with some dark purple paint that had been hanging out in the garage since they bought the house.
Once they were dry, he hung one on a tree in the backyard and we took the other to our family beach house.  Now they are ready and waiting to be filled with bats!
After the house was hung, we took a little boat ride down the creek.  I'm always expecting to see an alligator but we never do (which is a slight relief since we swim there!)
Before we knew it the sun was setting and we were hungry, so we did what any normal person might do and drove to Florida to get BBQ from a road side dive near the Naval Base.
It was a nice change of pace from my regular Saturday routine of sitting at home watching TV, but even so I feel rested and ready for the week ahead!

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