Chewacla State Park

Hi. Remember me? I'm Liz, and many years ago I used to write my thoughts and share my photos here on a regular basis. Then, I got a job as a kindergarten teacher and all of my free time suddenly disappeared!  But the thing is, I miss this. I miss taking photos and then posting them here for my dad and maybe Bryn to read. I'm going to try and remedy that this year. I may not post as often as I used to, but I'm going to do my best to get back into the habit.

Now that that's out of the way, onto today's post!

Bryn woke up one Sunday in early autumn and announced that he wanted to go for a walk somewhere, and invited me to come along.  Ever since, it has become a bit of a Sunday morning routine, and weather permitting, while the rest of Auburn, AL is in church, we are stomping around one park or another.

It took several weeks before it dawned on me to take my camera along. It took approximately three photos for me to realize that I was completely out of practice and need to go back to the basics and brush up on my photography skills!  So, please excuse the quality of these.  They will get better, I promise.

Many of our walks are in free parks and nature preserves around Auburn and Opelika, but on this particular day we decided to pay $4 each to check out Chewacla State Park.  Locals and anyone who has ever spent time in Auburn rave about it, so why not.

Our first impression was pretty non-plussed.  You see, one of the major activities at Chewacla is mountain biking, so the biking trails are very clearly marked, but not so much the walking trails.  At one point we were nearly taken out by a family careening down the trail.  If you choose to walk, be careful as the cyclist clearly seem to think they have the right of way.

Having made it back to the car in one piece, we decided to continue deeper into the park for the waterfalls they claimed to have.  That was much more impressive and made the $4 entrance fee worth it.  Since we were there in late fall, the middle-Alabama leaves were beginning to change, making for some pretty colors.
We enjoyed our morning walk and decided Chewacla deserves a visit each season just to see what's new, but otherwise we'll stick to our free parks.
I'm going to start posting more about our walks, as well as, (hopefully) some other stuff we get up to.  I need to get back into the photography side of things so check back to watch my photos improve!

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