Azaleas at Callaway

It is finally beginning to feel like spring in Auburn.  To take advantage of the pretty weather, we packed a picnic and took off for Callaway Gardens, where the azaleas were nearing their peak bloom.   It was the most busy that I have ever seen it, but it was still lovely to stroll through all the blooms.  It reminded me a bit of the cherry blossoms in Japan - just so many flowers all in the same place.  It's really quite breathtaking!  Unfortunately, I don't think my photos captured how pretty it was...I'll keep practicing.

The azaleas were not the only flowers in bloom!

One reason for the crowds was that Callaway was having their annual plant sale.  Lots of local nurseries, as well as local crafters had tents with plants, flowers, and other goods for sale.

After our walk, we were getting hungry, so we found a nice area to lay out our blanket and have our picnic!

(Don't worry, we took our plastic plates and forks home with us to wash and have for next picnic.  The plastic bag was one from forever ago!)

Before heading home, we couldn't resist a walk through the butterfly house.

I can't think of a nicer way to spend a pretty Saturday morning. 

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