Apple Galette

We were invited out to Bryn's dad and step-mother's house for dinner the other night. They had visitors who Bryn had known when he was little. I had lots of free time and wanted to contribute something to the dinner, so I volunteered to make a dessert (and refused to take no for an answer).

After lots of website perusing, I decided to try an apple galette. A galette is basically like a rustic pie that you make without a pie pan. Since I don't have a pie pan here yet, this seemed to be a good choice.

I usually use a pre-made pie crust, or a mix from a box when I make pies (let's face it, they just taste better and are pretty fool proof). I haven't found either of those things yet, so I had to make the crust from scratch. Next obstacle...if you look up any pie crust recipe online it requires that you use a food processor. Don't have one of those either. I eventually came across someone who suggested grating the cold butter into the flour using a cheese grater. I do have one of those, and it worked really well.

After the dough had rested for a while, I came across my next obstacle...I didn't have a rolling pin. I did however have a bottle of wine! It did the trick beautifully, and I had the galette in the oven in no time.

The galette came out looking beautiful, and I was really happy with the result. It didn't taste too bad either! Bryn had seconds, so that was a good sign, and I liked it (and frankly we are the only two whose opinions matter if you ask me!).
(I have no idea why the picture will not rotate. That will be my next challenge.)

Now I need to take a shopping trip for a pie pan, rolling pin and food processor. Better get them all before Thanksgiving because a pecan pie will definitely be on the menu!

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