My new project

I have a lot of time on my hands as an unemployed expat wife on a spouse visa. The lack of responsibility and social life has left me completely lost and a little down at times, so Bryn suggested I start a food blog to give me sometime to do.

This isn't going to be a food blog though. I might talk about food and the recipes I am trying since I really like cooking and baking, but everyone seems to have a food blog now a days, so I don't really think I can compete.

This is just going to be a Liz blog. I like our blog being about us, and don't want to take it over with all of my thoughts and mundane ideas I come up with by sitting at home alone. So I think the best way to describe this is a Liz Blog. I will write about anything and everything. Maybe what coffee shop I went to in the mall, the book I am reading, my teachers certification course, maybe even my attempt at making macarons (because I am going to try...).

This is just my new project. :)

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