Cake Pops!

We had a little get-together for Bryn's 31st birthday. I knew I wanted to make some sort of cake for him, but we were going with a finger foods theme.

Of course the first thing that comes to mind when you think finger foods and cake are cup cakes! I LOVE cup cakes, but Bryn isn't a fan of the icing. What's the point of making cupcakes if you aren't going to use pretty icing? That just leaves you with a muffin, and who ever heard of birthday muffins?!?

My solution to all this was cake pops! It's cake and icing mixed together, rolled into a ball and stuck on a stick, then it all gets dipped in melted chocolate.

They were really easy to make, but a bit time consuming. Recipes are all over the internet, so just do a Google search for cake pops and you can see all the possibilities!

The cake pops went over really well at the party, and were really just right! It was the perfect little sweet bite without having to commit to a whole slice of cake.

And they are just fun to look at! I was very pleased with my first cake pop attempt, and now need an excuse to try and make them again!!!

I have loads of updates coming, so I will try and get them up over the next few days, depending on how demanding school and my course turn out to be.

Stay tuned!

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