I'm so, so sleepy and have a nagging headache, but I promised more updates, so here we go. I have been slightly obsessed with the popular French macaron ever since I heard Blair mention them on Gossip Girl. Last February, Bryn and I made a trip to Tokyo where we searched out both Laduree and Pierre Hermes - two famous macaron shops.

First taste of macarons from Laduree in Tokyo

They. Were. Absolutely. Delicious.
Worth every penny (yen?) and then some!

That year, for White Day (the equivalent of Valentines Day for girls in Japan) Bryn ordered me a box of Pierre Hermes good!

We also discovered Patisserie Kanae in Kyoto...another little macaron shop much closer to home. I insisted that we pop in every time we were in the city.

There is a Laduree in Dubai Mall, but I haven't been there yet. On one trip to another mall called Festival City we discovered a little French macaron kiosk, which we have frequented every time since.

Laduree in Dubai Mall...I will try these when I'm feeling rich one day!

In short, I adore these pretty little pastries and would go just about anywhere to get some!

After my first bite in Tokyo, I decided that one day, I too would make my own macarons. Well, that day finally arrived! Last weekend I decided it was time. We had all of the supplies, so I had no more excuses.

I was expecting a complete disaster on my first attempt, since every food blogger who has ever tried to make macarons seems to have some sort of disaster. But I didn't! They worked out perfectly! Well, maybe not Pierre Hermes standards, but they looked and tasted like macarons.

My macarons! Plain (almond) with chocolate ganache (which gave me a bit of trouble but Bryn saved it)

I have already come up with lots of flavor combinations to try and will be giving them another go in the near future. I highly doubt I will ever be able to compete with the experts, but mine will do just fine in between trips to the big city!!

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