Lately & Sushi

So far, June has been pretty busy, but barely exciting.  I have gotten my own class for these last few weeks of school (the original teacher left early).  They are a group of energetic six year olds, but they are absolutely delightful! (well, most of them, most of the time...)

We are down to our last two weeks in Al Ain before summer vacation starts.  I am more than ready to get on that airplane, and will definitely enjoy our brief stop over in Heathrow to stock up on good tea and Harrods bags!

Morning coffee & croissant on a day off last month

Thursday night dinner - fish sticks and smiley potatoes
 Last week we decided to head to Dubai to shop in our favorite mall, Mirdif City Centre.  Not only was H&M having a fantastic sale (buy 2 get one free on everything!), but we decided to try Yo Sushi!, the conveyor belt sushi chain.  It was very natsukashii to sit around drinking green tea and eating sushi.  It was mostly westernized sushi, and was a lot pricier than Kappa Sushi, but it was really good and I will happily go again!
The conveyor belt moved way faster than Kappa sushi!

Kyushokku-esque Salad :)

I love the rainbow color coded plates!

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