Saturday Morning

Lazy Saturday morning instagram pucture
It is a laid back Saturday morning's kind of like a lazy Sunday morning in other parts of the world, only it's Saturday.  Sunday mornings certainly aren't very lazy here.  Except this week Sunday just happens to be some kind of holiday (no idea which one...will google it...Laylat al Miraj is Arabic for Night of the Ascension...thank you, Wikipedia).  Hopefully that means I can have a Lazy Sunday this week as well!

I am having my lazy Saturday coffee in the spare room, which we have been converting into a laundry room / sewing room / printing room / storage room.  I have a zillion pages to print and laminate today in order to be prepared for another week's worth of lessons.  There are only 2 weeks left of school, but everyone, teachers and students, are pretty wiped out, so I have tried to find some fun activities to do this week.  The printing, laminating and cutting are time consuming, but I keep reminding myself that this will be a very useful resource in the future - not just some one-off thing!!


...A lazy Saturday has moved onto a fairly busy Sunday off!  After a leisurely Starbucks iced latte this morning, Bryn had to go into work, so I treated myself to a manicure and pedicure at the salon in town (I'm sure there are more, but there is only one that expats seem to go to).  To be honest it wasn't quite as pampering as other mani/pedis I've had, but it was nice, and now I have pretty fingers and toes for the last couple weeks of school!

After my spa treatments, I went back to the mall to wait on Bryn to finish.  I sort of had a mini splurge at H&M...I am a bit obsessed with H&M, but it is so cute and so affordable!  Anyways...I added a bit to my summer lounging around wardrobe, then had a second coffee at Caribou until Bryn called.
 Lately I've been learning how to do Instagram.  It's kinda fun to make the pictures look old and vintage!

Well, it's back to school tomorrow...9 more days of school - yay :)

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