Out & About

I took a few photos the other day when dad and I took a walk to the school where I am substitute teaching.  I wanted to time the walk so I would know what time to leave the house if I need or want to walk there in the morning on days when I can't take the car.  It is a really beautiful little private school located literally right on Mobile Bay...definitely the prettiest school I've ever seen!  (It's a 15 minute walk, by the way!)

^^Pear trees seem to be thing thing around here.  Cherry blossoms are still my favorites, but these are pretty, too!

^^These are from a little walkway down to a beach park literally steps away from the school!

These other pictures were taken on a drive dad and I took a few weeks ago.  I had forgotten about the photos but some of them turned out good and really show how pretty rural Alabama is!

Even though spring doesn't officially start until Saturday, it's in full swing here.  It has been getting pretty hot during the day.  I'd say it's already warm enough to sit by the pool, but it'll a be a few months before the water gets warm enough for me to want to go swimming!

I hope you're having a good week!