Sorry for the bit of a blogging break I took these last few weeks.  It's just been one of those cases of nothing happening!  I mean, do you really want to hear about applying for jobs, random substitute teaching gigs and otherwise a bunch of nothing?  Nah.

It's finally beginning to feel like spring here in Lower Alabama!  It's amazing how little winter-like weather I need to appreciate warmer spring temperatures.  The little cherry tree we picked up at the Arbor Day festival (among several other trees) even has leaves!

The gardening expert in the newspaper (and Southern Living magazine) instructed us that it's time to plant tomatoes and peppers in this part of the world, so we spent our Saturday morning at Home Depot picking out plants for the garden.  I'm not much of a gardener - I usually leave that up to Bryn, but since I have nothing better to do, why not?!

The first bed has onions, leeks, parsley, peas and some garlic which is almost ready to harvest.

Bed number two has various types of tomatoes, zucchini, squash and cucumbers.

The third bed has collard greens that are about finished, peppers (green bell peppers and jalapeƱos), and some corn.

There's another bed full of asparagus plants mom planted last year that we ought to be able to harvest from this year.

Last but not least is a big pot of lavender by the pool.  We've got another pot this size and are thinking we should make another lavender pot.  It's going to smell so good!

It doesn't look like much now since they just went in yesterday, but I'll try and keep tabs on it and give you regular updates on the garden (if you're interested).  Who knows...maybe by summer I'll have some recipes using our home grown vegetables to share!


  1. OMG! Tell your mom I am so proud of her!!! I hope you all are loving life in the south!

  2. Hi Sue! Haha, I'll tell her :) hope y'all are well!