Lately (and some exciting news!)

I've been picking up my camera here and there to take the random one-off photo over the last month.  None of them were quite enough to be a blog post on their own, but they've been adding up over the last few weeks so I thought it was time for a little update on the life of Liz.

Amanda and William stopped by for lunch on their way home from the beach the other day.  Even though the water is still freezing, William was dying to go for a swim, so he got to play on the steps with dad.  

Mom and I went into Fairhope to have sushi for lunch and window-shop.  There are so many cute shops in town, and mom came home with a couple of these pretty windcatchers.  We stopped at Rita's Italian Ice on the way home.  There was one of these near where we lived in Maryland, and I always loved it, even though it's way over-priced!  I didn't know there was one in Fairhope, too!  This could be a problem...

And for my exciting news, I got a job!  Starting next school year I will be teaching Spanish to pre-k through second grade at the lovely little private school where I have been subbing.  I'm looking forward to it and will be spending my summer brushing up on my EspaƱol!  I think it's going to be a great first job back in the states, since I will get to share my love of travel and all things Spanish with little kids, and maybe spark some wanderlust in them as well!

Countdowns (because you know how much I love having something to look forward to)...

...10 more days of school
...37 days til Bryn arrives for summer
...49 days til my birthday!

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