Afternoon on the Rhine River

There is one thing that I am not very good at doing when I am traveling...sitting down and relaxing!  I have this idea in my mind that I am only in a place for a limited amount of time, so I need to make the most of it, which often does not include just sitting down for a whole afternoon.  That is exactly what I was forced to do on several occasions on the cruise!
After a morning spent exploring Heidelberg, we went back to the ship for lunch and then I got a hat, sunscreen, and my camera and grabbed myself a table on the top deck for the afternoon.  We would be cruising down the river to our next port: Rudesheim, Germany.
I basically had the bow to myself (no one wanted to sit in the sun, I guess), aside from a group of friends that included a photographer, who I enjoyed chatting with and exchanging photo ops throughout the rest of the cruise.
We passed vineyard-covered hills, cute little villages and bigger cities along the river.  We passed under bridges that barely cleared our heads, and even a couple of locks. We even caught glimpses of the occasional castle.  The others on the top deck with me were impressed how I followed us on the maps app on my phone, able to tell them the names of places and landmarks we passed.  I was impressed with how busy the Rhine River seemed like we were rarely, if ever, the only ship or other boat in sight.
It was a very pleasant afternoon on the river, and when we arrived in Rudesheim I was well rested and ready to explore!  Maybe taking a little downtime while traveling isn't such a waste of time, after all!

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