Japan: Take Two

I'm back in Japan for round two - ding! This time I am braving the big city and living in Osaka.  I've been back for about six weeks now, and am slowly settling in.

I hit the ground running when I landed at Kansai International Airport in March.  Two of my best friends were waiting at the arrivals gate for one of the best reunions ever!

I love these girls! With their help, I had an apartment sorted less than 24 hours after landing!

Setting up a life in any country can be daunting and stressful.  Add a language barrier into the equation and it's one big headache!  I have been pleasantly surprised at how much Japanese I have managed to remember, but that certainly doesn't mean things have been easy!

Two weeks later, after lots of confusion, and camping out in my own apartment, Bryn came to visit.  He helped me to make the apartment a lot more comfortable and smoothed out some of the kinks I had gotten caught up in due to miscommunication (luckily none of them were too difficult to sort out!)

His visit just happened to coincide with cherry blossom season here.  We took some time out from furniture shopping to take in the blossoms in Kyoto - a welcome change from the hot, dry desert in the UAE!

Cheers to round two in Japan!

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