No-Sew Chair Cover

This is a kotatsu.  As far as I am concerned, it might be Japan's greatest invention.  It's a coffee table with a heating unit underneath.  In Japan you spend a lot of time sitting on the floor.  In winter it is FREEZING, and there is no such thing as central heating here.  Plug this little table into the wall, throw a blanket under the removable table top, and you have a cozy little place to keep your feet warm during the long, cold winter months.  It's wonderful.  In summer, just stow away the cord, take the blanket off, and it's a nice little coffee table. 

Traditionally, you would be expected to sit on cushions called zabuton, but now adays you can get these little chairs that can recline back and even become flat.  They aren't only a Japan thing, my grandmother got me some while I was at university, so if you fancy sitting on the floor, I'm sure you can find something similar.

The little chair I got was a bright lime green color.  I like lime green, but it just didn't really mesh with the rest of my decor (what little decor I have at the moment!)  Since I have come across so many fabric shops while living in the city, I decided I could probably whip up a cover pretty easily.  I picked up some pink and cream striped canvas from a shop in Kyoto for my little project. (there's a huge fabric store under Yodobashi Camera at Kyoto Station!)

Unfortunately, when I moved back to Japan my sewing machine had to be left in Al Ain, so this cover had to be no-sew, unless I wanted to sit down with a needle and thread and do it by hand.  I picked up some iron on hemming tape from the 100 yen shop and grabbed some stick-on velcro I had leftover from a project at work.  A few folds and some velcro later, I had a "brand new" chair!

Velcro is called "magical fastener" here!

I'm happy with the results.  It suits the room much better than the lime green did, and now I have a comfy little seat for my comfy little table!

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