Nicoise-esque Salad

One of my goals while I am living in Japan is to gain some healthy weight.  There aren't many girls out there trying to gain weight, but the stress of the UAE made me a very unhealthy, unhappy person and I am determined to change that.

Now, a salad isn't your typical weight-gain food, it's more of a weight loss food, but after a week of unhealthy eating, I felt like I needed a clean, fresh meal.

Since I'm living in the land of sushi, I opted for sashimi grade tuna rather than canned and -- cooked it (she whispers).  Just seared it really.  I didn't want to dry it out, but wasn't in the mood for raw fish today.

 I also supplemented my store bought lettuce mix with some fresh lettuce leaves and parsley from my mini garden!  Bryn planted it for me while he was visiting and it is doing very well, so I am looking forward to lots of fresh salads this summer!

I called this my Nicoise-esque salad because it was missing several main features of a real Nicoise salad, but it was yummy and healthy, so it hit the spot!

I'm going to work on a little DIY project this afternoon and have some more cooking to do so I can contribute to a little picnic with a friend and her adorable kids tomorrow, so come back and check it out!

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