More Zen Kyoto

As promised, here are the remainder of the photos from my day in Kyoto this past weekend.  After touring Kennin-ji, I took my time wandering around the temple complex and some of the surrounding areas.  They were so peaceful and pretty.  I discovered some streets for the first time, and visited some that I've been to countless times.  It really was a lovely day in Kyoto.

I really wanted to walk across that little bridge!!! :(

I stopped for some cold soba before making my way back to the station.  Won't be too long before I'll have to order hot soba.

So far I think I'm doing well with my cultural site challenge.  It has really been a lot of fun to re-visit some of the places I went to when I first came to Japan in 2007, and I cannot wait to explore some new ones as well.

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