Osaka Oktoberfest

When I was riding the train home from Osaka castle a couple of weeks ago, I saw a poster for Osaka Oktoberfest.  A quick search on my phone told me that it was in Tennoji Park and would be there til September 29th.  I spent a week asking around to see if anyone wanted to join me, but everyone was busy or sick.  I wasn't going to let that stop me, so on Sunday of the three-day weekend I set off in search of sausages, pretzels and good German beer.

Getting to Tennoji was easy...finding the right exit out of the station was a different story!  Eventually I found myself at the park ticket gates.  The admission to the park is ¥150, so I bought my ticket and found the entrance to the Okoberfest just inside the gates.

I did a quick loop to scope the place out and see what beer I would get first.  I opted for Franziskaner weissbeir, since I knew I liked it, and the drinks weren't cheap (beers started at ¥1000 plus a ¥1000 refundable deposit for the we're talking a minimum of $20 for your first beer!)  I popped to the stand next door for wurst and a pretzel, then found myself a seat.


I was eventually joined by a couple of young Japanese guys anxious to try out their English.  I humored them until I finished my beer, then set off for a second round.

This time I got Schofferhofer Weizen (and a second pretzel...those beers are big!).  It was nice enough, but I like the Franziskaner better.

There was live entertainment from a traditional German band, which stopped between each song for a "Ein Prosit", which managed to get most people onto their feet.  A couple of girls dressed in traditional dirndl (I looked it up!) stood on stage encouraging people to clap didn't really match what I've seen in Germany, but nice try Japan! (P.S. those aren't the girls below...I don't have a picture of the stage.)

I've never been to the real Oktoberfest (it's on my bucket list) but I really appreciate Japan's attempts at the Osaka Oktoberfest, and the Umekita Oktoberfest I stumpled upon in June.  It was definitely an unbeatable way to spend a Sunday afternoon!

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