I've officially been "retired" for a whole day!  To celebrate my first day of no work, I treated myself to a movie.  I saw Saving Mr. Banks and loved it!  I believe it's about to come out on DVD in the US, so if you haven't seen it I highly recommend adding it to your Netflix queue.  I LOVE movie theater popcorn (it's probably my favorite thing about going to the movies) so a popcorn lunch seemed to be a fitting way to celebrate.  I'm all booked up with lunches and dinners with friends this week, and counting down the hours til B arrives on Friday!

These are a random selection of photos from my phone as of late. Some have been up on Instagram (do you follow me?!?) and some haven't.  Enjoy!

 ^^Message board from some of the teachers at work.  This is a very popular going away gift in Japan.^^

 ^^Hand painted bowls from some of my students.^^

^^Sakura shaped chocolate...I'm doing my very best to ration them because they are yummy!^^

^^A big bunch of pink flowers from my students.  They are definitely cheering up my little apartment on this rainy day!^^

^^One of the favors from the wedding I attended - a personalized Tango chirimen furoshiki.^^

^^Fresh apple juice from Nagano - another gift from a student's family.^^

^^I'll miss these guys SO much!^^

^^My celebratory popcorn lunch.^^

 ^^Plum blossoms in my neighborhood.^^

 ^^Very pretty, very elaborate wedding favor wrapping.^^

^^Yasaka Jinja in Kyoto during my girl's night with Nahomi.^^

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