Desert Twilight

The other night B went outside to water the garden, so I followed him out with the camera.  I want to get better at taking photos in low light, and the only way to get better is to practice, practice, practice, right?  After the plants were well watered, B suggested going up on the roof to try and get some shots over the wall surrounding our complex.  I tell you what, it's a completely different world over here, but in it's own way, a very beautiful one.  There was something peaceful about being up on the quiet roof overlooking our area of Al Ain (even with the ugly water tanks and air conditioning vents scattered around!)

Welcome to our back "yard".  We live at the very far end of the complex, so beside our building is just this open space and a wall.  B has worked hard planting desert friendly plants so we can have a little bit of green - something both of us miss a lot!  When those three trees grow a bit bigger, they are going to make a nice wall between our patio and the rest of the complex and give us a bit of privacy. 

Unfortunately, it's getting hotter and hotter, so many things are struggling!  I know he'll get everything up and going again after summer.

I can't decide if I succeeded in my low-light photography or not.  What do you think?  Any advice would be hugely appreciated!

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