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B and I have worked hard to make our apartment here feel like home.  It was assigned to us, so we didn't really have a choice in the matter, but (luckily) we like it.  There is one room that we haven't really done much with, and I'm making it my little project to turn it into my office/craft room/sewing room.

One of the main things this apartment lacks is storage space.  There are no closets or storage areas of any sort.  Naturally, this unused room turned into a bit of a storage room during our first year and it was a mess!  It was full of boxes, suitcases, ladders and anything else that didn't really have a home.  We tried to organize it a bit by buying some inexpensive pine shelving units from Ikea.  They helped a lot, but were still a bit of an eyesore.  To remedy that I sewed some makeshift curtains from cheap cotton we bought at one of the textile shops downtown.  They hid the mess, but still just aren't quite ideal.

Now that I'm back and have all this time on my hands I am going to redo this room and turn it into my workspace.  I've been perusing Pinterest for inspiration and have created a board to gather all of my ideas.  Here are some of my first pins…

First, these are some offices I just like in general.  They're so bright and make me want to do lots of work from home (haha)!  They also make me want a really cool desk lamp…that's going to go right on the top of my shopping list!

I think by adding a curtain rod and choosing fun curtains (or simply fabric), I could hide the unsightly storage corner, kind of like in this picture.  The right fabric could really make that corner more cohesive with the rest of the room.  Being able to slide the curtains back along a rod would make the things on the shelves much more accessible than they are now.

Even after covering the front of the shelves with curtains, there will still be one side that is blatantly visible.  B has talked about covering it with a piece of plywood.  If we do that, I can use chalkboard paint and have my very own little board for making lists (I do love a good list), kinda like this one!

That covers a lot of the practical stuff for now, but what I am really excited about is decorating the room!  I love to save photos and other little memories like birthday cards, post cards or wedding invitations, so I have a bunch I'm not ready to part with just yet.  So, I know I want a cork board where I can hang them all up so that I can see them all the time.  I love the idea of creating a huge one to hang behind my desk, with lots of room for hanging up anything and everything!

Confession time…I've saved some shopping bags from some of the nicer shops I've been to over the last few years.  B even knew to save the bag for me when he bought me a Michael Kors wallet for Christmas!  It's a bit silly to save shopping bags, but I don't get to shop in places like that often, so I have been so hesitant to throw them away!  I'm a big dork, I know.  Instead of just keeping the bags in the back of my wardrobe, I figured why not display them?! It is my room, after all!  I think a gallery wall of framed high-end shopping bags would look really cool. 

Well, looks like I have my work cut out for me!  The more I look through Pinterest the more excited I get.  I'll be sure to keep you updated on the progress!

I've linked back to the original sources for the photos that I could, but you know Pinterest…sometimes it doesn't really link back to anything.  All of these can be found on my Home Office Pinterest board.

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