Happy Halloween!

I can't believe that tomorrow is Halloween (and my brother's birthday - happy birthday, Prad!!) and that October is already over.  This month has flown by so quickly, but that means that Thanksgiving is right around the corner!

To be honest, I don't miss Halloween, and am not particularly fussed that I'm going on my seventh year in a place that doesn't celebrate the holiday (with the exception of a preschool party last year).  When I was a kid, of course it was exciting to pick a costume and go trick or treating, collecting enough candy to last me quite a while!  I'm not a big fan of the handing out candy part though...maybe it's the introvert in me, but I have little desire to greet strangers all night long (probably interrupting prime TV time!!)  Yep, I'm that Halloween-Hum Bug.

What I do miss about Halloween are the pumpkins!  While pumpkins are available here (for a small fortune), you definitely can't put them outside in this weather or they would shrivel up in an afternoon.  Forget about carving one...that would be poor pumpkin murder in the desert.  For now, we've got three mini pumpkins (yep, Bryn paid a fortune for them) decorating our coffee table.

While I can't make my perfect fall front porch decoration here, I can scroll through Pinterest and dream of what I will put on my front porch one day!  

Images, clockwise from top left: one two three four (All can be found on my Fall/Autumn board on Pinterest!)
Pumpkin carving photo from my Tumblr page.


  1. Happy pumpkin-less halloween! I don't have one either!

    1. A small price to pay to live the expat life! ;) Do they recognize Halloween at all in Germany??