Owen & Melissa Get Married!

I could wake up to views like this one everyday.

I got up early, before the wedding festivities began to get some photos in the beautiful early morning light.  

The boys all had breakfast in our apartment while some friends of the bride and groom got the tent all set up.  I loved all the little details Melissa and Owen had put into the planning!

After they were fed (and had done all the dishes!) the guys started moving chairs down to the point where the ceremony would take place in just a few hours.

As the time approached, everyone gathered to watch the black clouds move closer and closer.  It didn't take long for Owen to make the executive decision to haul everything up to the tent, wait out the rain shower and give it another go in a bit.

As we waited for the weather to pass, the Whangarei Youth Orchestra serenaded the crowd.  They were fantastic!

Just as he had anticipated, the rain blew past and we had beautiful blue skies once again!  Chairs were put back out and everyone gathered to wait for Melissa to make her entrance.

Melissa is an elementary school teacher, and several of the students from her class came to the wedding.  They got to watch the event front and center!

Aside from a howling wind, you never would have guessed there were more black rain clouds coming in.  The ceremony finished just in the knick of time, and it was back to the tent for the party!

My worst nightmare...but everyone else said it was delicious!

There were random showers throughout the day, broken up with periods of warm sunshine, but overall it was a lovely day...just a bit on the chilly side (especially for us coming from the desert!)

The crazy spring weather even gave us several rainbows - that's gotta be a good sign!

After lots of mingling and lunch, we all went back to our apartments to change and warm up a little, and reconvened later that evening for a casual dinner (I was freezing by that point and didn't take any pictures - sorry!)

It was such a lovely day and I'm so happy for Owen and Melissa (and excited to not be the only Mrs. Thomas anymore!)  Check back tomorrow for some extra pictures of the day - there were just too many for one post!

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