Nymphenburg Palace

I tell you what, we really lucked out weather wise on this trip.  While we would have loved to have had a couple of flurries, I'm kind of glad we didn't! Our first couple of days saw some clouds, but for the most part we had beautiful clear, blue skies.  Our last full day was no exception.

We hopped on a tram to Nymphenburg Palace that morning.  The palace looked very grand and shiny in the late morning sunshine!

We decided to pay to go in to get out of the chilly wind...but don't waste your money.  While the main great room is impressive - bright, ornate and very grand, you really don't get to see enough of the palace to make your 8 Euros worth it.  

One room I found sort of interesting was the Hall of Beauties - a room with 36 portraits of women the king found beautiful, from all walks of life. 

Instead of handing over you money to see a handful of rooms, keep your wallet in your pocket and cut straight through to the free gardens!  They are huge.  Of course they are much more pleasant to walk around in the warmer months, but pretty impressive any time of year.

After we had had our fill of the palace for the day, we got back on the tram for one last meal in Munich.

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  1. Wow, gorgeous! You're so lucky to have seen it!