Up, Up, Up!

The sun was setting quickly (casting the most beautiful golden light on the buildings surrounding Marienplatz...I may have took 2 or 20 photos of it...

Since we were just milling around the Christmas Market, sipping on hot drinks, dad suggested he and I rush to the top of the steeple of Peterskirche.  Bryn and mom aren't fond of heights, so they opted to stay with their feet firmly on the ground, booze in hand.

Dad and I found the little door leading to the staircase up to the steeple.  Unfortunately we were rushing to beat the sun, so I didn't take any photos on the way up!

Now, the old churches certainly don't have elevators to rush you to the top...oh no.  We took the creaky, wooden, spiral stairs that just kept coming!  We climbed and climbed and finally reached the door to the balcony at the top of the tower.  We were not the only ones...it was packed, and slightly disconcerting to be pressed against the iron railing which has been there probably forever!  Despite the obvious fire safety issues, the views were fantastic!

Let's play where are mom and Bryn!  I found them ;)  Hint...they're in the lower right hand corner!

Once we had our shots, we squeezed our way back inside and down the stairs.  For 2 Euros it was definitely worth the view (and the workout)!

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  1. Absolutely stunning views!! Looks like y'all are having a wonderful time in Munich!