Viktualienmarkt & Other Munich Scenes

We stayed at a hotel directly across the street from Viktualienmarkt.  Just steps outside of the lobby were loads of market stalls filled with everything from sausages, meats, fresh bread, cheese (ew), fruits, vegetables, spices, fresh squeezed juice and little knick knacks.  Of course it was all Christmas-ed up for the holidays.

Every morning we saw locals going from stall to stall buying all the things they would need for their daily meals and loading up baskets and canvas bags.  We even opted for sliced meats, cheese (ew), fresh rolls and fruit for our dinner on more than one occasion!

I would love to live in a place where this is how I did my shopping.  

We did venture away from the busy Marienplatz to explore other parts of Munich.  One of my favorite things to do when I'm traveling is to just wander, with no real destination in mind just to see what we can find.

Our main find of this wander was another beer hall for lunch!  We noticed that all of these beer halls have pretty much the same menu, so you really can't go wrong (we know we never did!).

More Munich to come!


  1. this is so pretty! i would love to go to germany during the winter!