Christmas in Vienna

When you spend Christmas in a hotel with no tree, stockings or presents, it's a little anticlimactic.  It could easily be any day of the year.  When it's in a hotel in Europe and there's a festive Christmas Market right outside, that's a different story.  

Bryn and I had a long, leisurely breakfast in the hotel dining room before bundling up to head out for a Christmas morning walk.  Several of the big Christmas Markets were still open (and apparently turn into New Year's Markets after Christmas...who knew!) so we took our time perusing the sweets and decorations on display.  It was a gorgeous day, and despite the lack of presents or Christmas dinner to prepare, it all still felt very festive.

We came back to the hotel early in the afternoon and popped open the wine we had bought the day before, which we drank out of Christmas Market punsch mugs.  We spent all afternoon snacking on chocolates and other "delicacies" (ha, pure junkfood from the markets!) and binge watching New Zealand cooking shows.  

Late in the afternoon, we did manage to drag ourselves back out to the Stephansplatz Christmas Market for boots full of boozy punsch (which I'm planning on recreating soon).

The next day we both boarded flights - back to the US for me and Dubai for him.  Our holiday in Vienna was amazing.  I already can't wait to go back!

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