Schonbrunn Palace

Our first couple days in Austria were foggy and grey, but by day three the sun had some out and it warmed up quite a bit.  We took advantage of the beautiful weather to visit somewhere new, Schönbrunn Palace.

From Stephansplatz Schönbrunn is super easy to get to - just take the U1 to Karlsplatz and change to the U4 - a few stops and you're there.  The palace is a short walk from the station.  Realizing how easy it was to get there we were sort of kicking ourselves for not visiting on one of our previous visits!  

We had all the time in the world and decided to do the Grand Tour.  Unfortunately photos weren't allowed inside the palace (the number of people ignoring that well posted rule was disgusting...and none of them got told off.  Dear Schönbrunn Palace: If you're going to have stupid rules, please enforce them.)  Despite not having any photos to prove it (I'm a stickler for the rules), the Palace is quite amazing and worth a visit if you have time.

The gardens are free to roam.  Even though there was nothing in bloom, they were still very impressive and left us planning a trip back during the summer months to see it in all its glory!

The palace is also host to a Christmas Market.  I especially liked this particular market.  Not only does it have the pretty amazing backdrop of the palace, but it was also spread out enough that it didn't feel terribly crowded.  We treated ourselves to a giant pretzel and a steaming kinder punsch before heading back towards the city center, but more on that another time!

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