Vienna, Austria: Christmas 2015

Happy New Year!

Let's see...

According to Blogger I haven't posted since October 31st of last year.  

Whoops.  No excuses other than the fact that life has been very uneventful (nothing to complain about, but also nothing to BLOG about).  I worked, studied for the online course I am taking, slept and started again.  Every. Day.

Then Christmas holidays rolled around!  

The day after school finished, I found myself settling into my BUSINESS CLASS seat for my flight to Vienna, where I was meeting Bryn for Christmas.  We hadn't seen each other (aside from on Skype or Facetime) since the beginning of August, so a reunion was well overdue!

I arrived in foggy Vienna early on Sunday morning.  I know I've told you in past Vienna posts how stupidly easy it is to get from the airport to the city center.  By 9:30am I had dropped my bag off at the hotel and had a whole morning to myself before Bryn's flight from Dubai arrived.  I grabbed my camera and set out into the cold.

After a bit of a wander I found myself standing outside of the Spanish Riding School, home of the world famous Lippizaner stallions.  Their last show of the season was about to begin, so I treated myself to a ticket.  Honestly for a horse-lover I can't think of a better way to spend a morning!

After the show, (sadly no pictures allowed, but if you find yourself in Vienna I can't recommend the program enough whether or not you're horse-crazy) I made a bee-line for a sausage stand for the first of many bratwurst!  By the time I was finished eating I was sufficiently chilled, and thankful that it had gotten late enough to check-in to the hotel.

Shortly after, Bryn arrived!  We shared a bottle of bubbly wine and caught up before heading back out into the cold.  We had mugs of steaming punsch and snacked on Christmas Market foods before calling it a night.  

Back in the room we put on a Christmas movie, but didn't make it 5 minutes into it before we were both dead to the world!  

We spent the majority of the next day simply wandering around the different neighborhoods of Vienna, snapping photos, chatting and window shopping.  

Even though this was our third trip to Vienna during the holidays, it just never gets old.  The buildings are so grand, the Christmas lights incredibly festive and all of the Christmas trees for sale smell SO GOOD.  We did manage a couple of new adventures on this trip, so stay tuned...

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