Amsterdam: Part 1

Amsterdam has been at the top of my places to see list - at least in Europe, for a couple of years.  I don't know what it was exactly, but I was just dying to go!  It was a happy coincidence that our cruise would finish there and that Bryn had a few extra days off so that we could explore.  On our first day, we just wandered.  We didn't follow any particular tours or search for places in particular, so I can't offer an all-inclusive guide of what to do, see, and eat while in Amsterdam for 48 hours.  I can share my photos!  I took lots.
I loved it.  It was so nice to stroll along the canals, admiring the architecture.  I love the tall, narrow buildings with the stepped rooves.  It is so neat to take in architecture around the world.  It's all so unique and interesting! I just couldn't get enough of the colorful flower boxes lining the bridges, all lined with bicycles chained to the rails.
The cyclists were fascinating to me - and terrifying!  I never felt like I was getting in the way, but it was so impressive how they could navigate the streets the way they did!  You will not catch me renting a bike in Amsterdam anytime soon!  It made me wish I lived in a place that was more walkable or cycle-able.
It was incredibly hot while we were there.  So hot that supermarkets and shops were sold out of water!   People were beating the heat by cruising around the canals in open-topped boats with coolers full of cold drinks.  Others sat along the canals, feet dangling over, always smoking something...(we did not!).  Little paddling pools were filled on the sidewalks for kids and hot dogs - the kind with four legs.  
Bryn and I walked for miles the first day - more than 13 according to our phones!  (This is random, but I wore a pair of Sketchers the entire trip.  They. Are. So. Comfortable.  Even after 13+ miles, my feet didn't hurt a bit - highly recommend if you need a walking shoe!)
After all that walking, we were tired, so we stocked up on snacks and went back to our hotel to cool off.  
I've got plenty more photos to share as our second day in Amsterdam was a bit more structured.  Check back soon!

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