Viking River Cruise: Koblenz

After our tour of Marksburg Castle, we made our way back through the little villages and across the river to the ship which was docked in Koblenz.  
Koblenz is a town that is situated between two rivers, the Rhine, which we were cruising on, and the Moselle.  
Not a bad view from our stateroom, looking out to the statue of Prince William I who looks over the German Corner, the place where the two rivers merge.
It is a cute little town that we didn't have near enough time to properly explore.  (I've found that that is my main complaint about taking a cruise - the lack of time in some places.)  We did walk along the two river banks and weave our way through the old city center for a couple of hours before it was time to get back to the ship for dinner.
These kinds of statues were scattered all around town.  Apparently there is one of a little boy peeing that was on all of the touristy souvenirs, but we didn't find him.
Koblenz, like most of the towns we stopped in had parks and public areas running along the river.  It was so nice to see people and families out enjoying the weather and the scenery (especially since that would have been prime real estate in the US and you wouldn't get to step foot on it unless you were a multi-millionaire!)
On my next trip to Koblenz, I will definitely have to take the cable car across the river to visit Ehrenbreitstein Fortress, since I think the views looking back towards Koblenz would be spectacular!
The ship departed as we slept, moving us on to our next destination and one that I was very much looking forward to!

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