Viking Rhine River Cruise: Cruising the Middle Rhine

After a night spent at port in Rudesheim, dad and I took our daily sunrise walk before we waved goodbye to the town under blue, cloudless skies.  I had breakfast early that morning and got up to the top deck quickly to save us a table for the day.  We were going to be cruising on the most scenic section of the Rhine, the Middle Rhine, also known as the Rhine Gorge.  The whole stretch is protected and free of any bridges or locks because it is completely lined with medieval castles!
The weather could not have been more perfect.  It was sunny and warm, but it was not too windy, so the crew kept the umbrellas up for the majority of the day.  I however, didn't sit under the umbrella.  I found myself a spot on the bow so that I could take photos all day without anyone getting in my way! (Priorities, you know...)
We passed castle, after castle, and then a few more castles.  Many were ruins and others had been kept up a bit more, but they were all beautiful!  The cruise director told us a little about the history of each castle as we passed, as well as information and facts about the Rhine River.  I was worried that she would talk throughout the day and ruin the ambiance for me (I enjoy a bit of silence), but I was pleasantly surprised by what she had to share with us.
Not a bad spot to camp!!
Around each bend of the river there were vineyards and tiny villages, most perched under a castle that was sitting on the hill top.  I think my dream place to live is in a town overlooked by a castle!  
I loved how the whole perspective of the villages would change as we cruised past...causing me to take a lot of photos! (Narrowing it down for this post was difficult)
Luckily, our captain navigated us past the famous Loreley rock without being enticed into the rocks by the siren that lives there!
Our day on the Rhine ended in Koblenz, where the Moselle River meets the Rhine.
Our exploration of Koblenz would have to wait a bit though - we had a castle to explore!...

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