Christmas Vacation!

Hooray!  Bryn is finished with work for the year (isn't it nice to say you're finished with something for the year?!), and this afternoon we are off to Dubai so that we can catch a flight to MUNICH bright and early tomorrow morning!  Mom and Dad should be landing in Munich shortly, so we'll see them tomorrow afternoon.

I'm so looking forward to...

1- A Downton Abbey marathon on the flight.  By the time I finish the season we'll be landing in Europe!

2- That first blast of cold, winter air.  I'm sure I will get sick of it quickly since I'm not a winter person, but it will be nice to wrap up in a scarf and my heavy coat.

3- Bratwurst! Going from a country where pork products are few and far between to one where they sell sausages on the side of the road, HEAVEN!

4- Christmas Markets and that first mug of steaming-something (gluhwein, kinderpunsch, some other kind of punch...we'll see what kind of mood I'm in)

5- Castles and palaces and all things Europe-y.  I was meant to be a princess and Europe is where I feel most at home!

I'm taking a blogging break while I'm away, but I am already excited to share photos and stories when I get back.  I'll probably be posting on Instagram a lot while I'm there, but I make no promises...I've gotten kind of bad at Instagram lately.  

Anyways...I hope you have a great Christmas vacation and will be back soon!

(Photos are from last year's Christmas trip to Vienna.)

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