TBT: Kyoto, Kodai-ji (December 2008)

It's Thursday, which means I'm reminiscing about good times past!  Today I'm going back six years to  this week in 2008 (it's crazy to think it was 6 years ago...it feels like yesterday!!).  I had ambitious plans to take the JLPT exam that day.  I was given specific directions to what turned out to be the wrong place, and missed the test, but let's face it, I was going to fail anyways!

Instead of sitting in a classroom all day pretending like I could read kanji or feeling guilty about the whole thing, I decided I would take advantage of a beautiful day in Kyoto and visit somewhere new, Kodai-ji.  The autumn leaves were at their peak, and the city was empty since everyone was at work or taking the JLPT, ha!  

From the looks of these few photos I think I made the right decision!  Have a great weekend!

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