Christmas Ornament Collection

There are two kinds of souvenirs we always like to pick up when we visit a new place.  First, a fridge magnet, and second, a Christmas ornament.  Luckily Christmas ornaments are pretty easy to come across, even when it isn't Christmas time.  Here are a few of the ones we've collected over the years!

^^Charleston, SC: We stopped in Charleston on our road trip down the east coast in the summer of 2012.  When we found the little ornament of one of the houses on Rainbow Row we thought it was perfect!^^

^^Mount Vernon: That same summer we visited Mount Vernon with my parents.  We couldn't pick just one, so we got two ornaments!  We make sure to strategically place the window one in front of a light so you can see George and Martha dancing.^^

^^Although we didn't choose these porcelain origami cranes, they are two of my absolute favorites!  My grandmother gave them to us not long after we got married, and they are perfect seeing as Japan is one place we don't have any real ornaments from.^^

^^A sailboat from my old hometown of St. Michaels, MD.^^

^^Vienna, Austria: This reindeer is one of many ornaments we got at the Christmas Markets in Vienna.  This one is from our first trip, and we even have a photo from the market stall we bought it from (see if you can spot it from Day 2 of 2012 below)!^^

^^We also have loads of little wooden ornaments that came from both of our trips to Vienna, as well as the Osaka Christmas Market.  These are just a few of them! (I can't remember which ones came from where...)

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^^New Zealand: Finally, the two newest additions to our Christmas tree!  Both are from our latest trip to New Zealand and they fit right in. (You can read all about our adventures there by clicking on the Travel button on the right and scrolling down a bit!)^^

All of our ornaments are fun little momentos of trips we've taken and it's always nice to remember the trip each year as we decorate our Christmas tree.  I also think they are much more special than generic things you can pick up at any store in the mall (of course we have some of those as well!)

I can't wait to pick out a couple of new ones in Munich later this month!

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