A Night Out

Last weekend I met up with my friend Nahomi for dinner and other adventures in Osaka.  After finding our first choice of restaurant closed for a wedding party, we headed to the World Beer Museum since Nahomi had never been there (I am becoming quite the regular!  If you count 3 visits as regular, haha).

After dinner Nahomi mentioned she had read my blog about the Umeda Sky Building and suggested we go up again.  As I said last time, I wanted to see it after dark, so I was more than happy to make the trek!

When you buy your tickets for the Floating Garden, they give you a paper star.  Upstairs you can write a wish on the star and hang it on one of the trees or window displays.  I've made two wishes now!!

This is what I really wanted to see!  The path really does glow in the dark!  Maybe I'm just simple and easy to impress, but it was SO cool!!

Nahomi and I watched several couples sit down on the bench and tried to sent telepathic messages for them to touch the "magic" spheres to make the floor light up, but obviously I was the only person who read the brochure!  We tried to get it to light up, but nothing happened...I suppose we aren't compatible ;)

Once safely down on ground level, we had to visit the Christmas Market for sausages, pretzels, mulled wine for me, and beer for Nahomi.  We sat, sipping on our drinks and chatting for ages before walking back towards the train station.

There was obviously a fancy ball going on in the building under the Christmas tree!

We found more light displays at the station, and happened upon one light show set to music.  I must admit, for a country that doesn't really do Christmas, Japan does go all out with the decorations.

After hot coffees to warm us up, we parted ways for the night.  It was such a fun evening.  I am usually by myself, so it was great to have a friend to go out with.  I'm already looking forward to our next night out!

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