It's Magic!

One of the main department stores in Dubai Mall is Bloomingdales.  While B and I were wandering the mall (before it was actually open) I was admiring the window displays when I saw this.

I'm kinda a stickler for the rules and always follow directions, so I placed my hands as directed.

Wow!  The window came to life!  Music started, curtains opened, lights flashed, smoke billowed out, trunks started opening, plates started was magic. 

Bloomingdales spans something like 5 floors of Dubai Mall, which meant there were window displays all over the place, and I made sure to bring each one to life!  I didn't see any windows in action throughout the day, so I guess no one else was following the instructions...their loss!

If you find yourself in Dubai Mall and come across the Bloomingdales windows, do as you're told!  Place your hands where indicated so you look like a kid drooling over a candy store window and watch the magic happen!

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