Vienna: Dinner and The Rathaus Christmas Market

After our first proper day in Vienna we had dinner at Kern Beisl, a restaurant that had come recommended from our guidebook.  It was a nice, very traditional place.   

B had roast pork with hand-rolled dumplings and a local beer, and I had weiner schnizel with house wine. 

As soon as our meals had arrived, a man sitting next to us offered to take out photo.  We were grateful since it's difficult to get photos of us together when we are traveling alone!  He chatted with us for a bit before letting us finish our (delicious) meals.  Once we were finished we asked for the bill, and our waiter told us that the man had already paid for our meals!  B and I were completely's not often that you come across kindness like that!  We thanked him and he gave us his card, telling us to look him up if we ever found ourselves in Vienna again.  It's nice to be reminded that there are genuinely kind people in the world.

After dinner, we decided to walk off our meals and go to the big Christmas Market at the Rathaus.  This is the Christmas Market that's on all of the postcards, and the photo that will likely come up if you Google Vienna.  We passed some stunning light displays, shop windows and palaces on the way.

This is a candy shop window...she's made entirely of marzipan!!

That tower in the background was our destination.

Of course our first stop was the punsch stand before wandering the grounds to browse through the many booths selling sweet treats, toys, knick knacks, Christmas ornaments and practically anything else you can think of!

It's a crowded market, especially in the evening, but the crowds are completely forgivable with a little help from the Christmas cheer that fills all those mugs!! 

After exploring for a while, we made our way back to the hotel to thaw out and get some rest for the next day.

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