More Scenes from Vienna

No, I didn't loose one glove and one mitten...I just found taking pictures in mittens very difficult!

The icing work on these cookies was delicate and intricate!

As I go through our Vienna photos I'm sort of regretting not jotting down some notes each night so that I would remember exactly what we did each day (I used to do that every time I traveled).  Even though we were only there for a short time, the days sort of blurred together (the punsch and gluwein might have had something to do with that!) and my camera seems to be stuck on Japan time, so even the dates on the photos are off!

The remainder of our days in Vienna were much like the first couple - wandering streets, each turn offering a new, breathtaking view (which is why I took so many photos)!!  We stopped for hot drinks at each Christmas market we came across, always excited to see what the mugs looked like, drool over yummy looking treats, take in the amazing smells and look through all of the fun Christmas knick-knacks.

We did manage a bit of culture and toured the royal apartments and Sisi Museum housed in the Hofburg palace, but unfortunately photos weren't allowed inside.  Seeing inside the palace simply confirmed that I really was meant to be a princess...sigh...haha.

Vienna, you were great to us yet again.  If you've never been, I can't recommend it highly enough!

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