Vienna: Day 1

We arrived in Vienna in the early afternoon.  It was a beautiful day!  Sunny, bright blue skies and cold, cold, cold!

I said it last year, but I'll say it again.  Of all of the places I have visited, Vienna is by far the most tourist-friendly.  Getting from the airport to the city center takes less than 20 minutes and is completely fool proof if you take the CAT (City Airport Train), and everyone, I mean everyone speaks English, and not in a "you stupid Americans refuse to learn another language so I'll speak to you in your's" kind of way.

Once we were checked into the hotel, we set out for a wander.  First and most importantly, lunch in the form of hot dogs, only better!  Juicy bratwurst stuffed into mini loaves of French bread...yum!

We spent the next few hours wandering until it got dark and the Christmas lights came on.  Then we had steaming boot-mugs of gluwein (kinderpunsch for me...sometimes hot apple cider is all you want!) at the Christmas Market at the base of St. Stephens Cathedral.

Exhausted and frozen to the bone, we decided dinner would be bubbly and local pastries (apple strudel, Mozart Torte and Sachertorte)...hey, it's a vacation after all!

More tomorrow...

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