Umeda German Christmas Market

The Christmas Market is in town!

Anxious for a bit of foreign food and culture I paid it a visit over the weekend. (Is that weird?  To want foreign food and culture when I'm living in a foreign culture?  Oh well.)

B and I went when we were living here, before we moved to the UAE.  We were both starved for Christmas, and the little German Christmas Market certainly fit the bill!

This year, I was mainly bored and hungry.  I had just been to Mino, and frustrated by the crowds, left in search of lunch.  I remembered that the Christmas Market had opened under the Umeda Sky Building and knew I could get a good bratwurst and pretzel, so that became my destination.

It was a beautiful day, and the sun was beating down, so despite the chilly temperatures, it felt quite warm in the sun.  Despite this, I plumped for a snowman mug of mulled wine, you know, when in Rome and all that!

There are several little houses selling Christmas ornaments, German treats and various food and drinks.  It made for a lovely stroll and the ideal way to waste and hour or so.

After another little unplanned adventure, (more on that tomorrow!) I was making my way back to the station when what to my wondering eyes should appear?  Another Christmas Market!!!

It was decidedly smaller with only 7 tiny stalls, but had lots of food and drinks on offer.  I decided to get some very non-German clam chowder, and a "Xmas Beer".

(I threw that last one in to remind myself that IT IS STILL NOVEMBER!  It's not even Thanksgiving!  I shouldn't be thinking about Christmas yet!!)

After some people watching I decided it was time for me to go home.  The Umeda Sky Building Christmas Market is open every day from 12-9 until Christmas, with extended weekend hours.  It pales in comparison to the Christmas Markets B and I will be visiting in Vienna in about three weeks, but is fun nonetheless! I don't have details for the other, mini-market I came across, but it was in the courtyard between Grand Front Osaka and Osaka station, so check it out if you find yourself in Osaka!

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