Girls Night

Occasionally I am invited to go out to dinner and drinks on a Friday night with some of the girls I work with.  We had all gone out to listen to a friend's band play about a month ago and one of the topics that came up in conversation was beer.  The girls claimed they hated beer and couldn't drink it.  I remembered saying the same thing back when I was in college, so I told them that there indeed was a beer out there they would like, they just hadn't had decent beer!

Well, this past Friday we put my theory to the test.  We made plans to have dinner at the World Beer Mueseum.  B and I ate there over the summer and enjoyed it a lot.

Now I am anything but an expert on beer, however I do know what I like and what I don't.  We had decided the best way to try lots of beers was just to order several different bottles and get lots of small glasses to share.  I picked out a couple for us to try, and the waitress quickly caught on and started recommending what she called, "easy to drink" beers.

The verdict: success!  Everyone found a beer they liked.  Although they aren't going to be able to go out to the supermarket to buy a six pack of the ones we tried, they exist, and that is the point!!

Afterwards we popped into a pub for one more drink before heading home for the night.

It was a lot of fun, and I was really glad to introduce them to something other than super sweet cocktails!

Next time, we are going to try the World Wine Museum!

(Sorry about the poor picture quality...all of the photos were taken rather hastily with my phone.)

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