Holiday Gift Guide

Thanksgiving is over, and if you're lucky you are sitting at home with a day off, eating leftover turkey sandwiches and enjoying the holidays.  Or, if you are the type to wait in line for Black Friday sales, perhaps you have been up since who-knows-what time, and are still out and about scooping up fantastic deals!

Me, I'm none of the above.  Unfortunately, that's one of the sacrifices of living the expat life.  I get to visit amazing places, learn new languages and be immersed in fascinating cultures, but I miss out on my all-time favorite holiday.  I worked on Thanksgiving Day, and am working through Black Friday also.  (But that's ok, we are recreating an entire Thanksgiving spread for Christmas dinner, so I will get my share of leftover turkey sandwiches!!!)

Also, I have never been one to go shopping on Black Friday.  You see, I think I'm allergic to large crowds of people.  It's not a fear, it's just something I dislike.  I always seem to come across the rude ones, and they never fail to put me in a bad mood.  I'm more of a stay inside having a Harry Potter movie marathon sort of girl.

The end of Thanksgiving marks the beginning of the Christmas season, at least for most Americans.  It seems that Christmas has been in full swing since the beginning of November here in Japan.  For the Japanese it means enjoying Christmas decorations and illuminations on the streets and in the store fronts.  Shopping for gifts isn't really a done thing.  For most western cultures, it means buying gifts for practically everyone you know!

I'm ahead of the game (a bit) this year, and have already sorted out most of my presents.  When they need to be shipped all over the globe, you need to get your act in order early!  However, these are some things I have come across online that I think would be really fun to give to almost anyone on your list (and even get!!)

Click on the number for links to where I found them!

One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight

Why not try wrapping them in some homemade wrapping paper?  Here is my version, but the sky's the limit!

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