Mino Falls, Autumn Edition

I visited Mino Falls back in May.  It was finally beginning to feel like spring, and the falls provided a pleasant afternoon walk.  You can read about that here.  As I think I mentioned in that post, Mino is most well known for it's autumn leaves.  Here we are right at the height of the autumn leave season, so I decided I should pay Mino another visit.

Are you ready for it?  Everyone else in Osaka had the same idea.  I get that these are tourist spots, and famous ones at that, but crowds like that sort of ruin places for me.  There's always someone stepping into your shot, bumping you because they aren't watching where they are going, stopping suddenly right in front of you...it just ruins the experience for me.

I did try though!  I walked about 15 minutes with the crowds before deciding it was just too frustrating, and making a bee-line back to the station.  I did get a few nice photos though!

Mino is known for it's deep-fried maple leaves in the autumn.  Each little shop has several ladies perched behind deep friers, frying battered leaves.  Of course they had to be tried!

To get to Mino, take the Hankyu Takarazuka line to Ishibashi station, and change to the Mino line.  Mino is the last stop.

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