Fall Colors

On my way to work Friday morning I got a call from Yoko, one of the teachers I worked with when I was on the JET Program.  She and another teacher I worked with, Junko were coming to Kyoto on Saturday and wanted to meet for dinner.  It seriously made my day! 

I decided that I would head to Kyoto around lunch time on Saturday and do some wandering before meeting up with them in the evening.  I had a plan - Kiyomizudera, Todai-ji and maybe Chion-in if I had time.  It was a beautiful day and I was ready for some sightseeing!

Turns out, every other person in Japan had the same idea as me.  I'm pretty certain that every single person in the Kansai region had decided to go to Kiyomizudera after lunch on Saturday.

Whatever, I'm in the tourist capital of Japan, so there will be people, it's fine I thought.

But, as I made my way (read: was pushed) toward Kiyomizudera I had a change of heart.  I dipped across the river of people into an ice cream shop, bought myself a cone and started walking the other way.  Shrines and temples can wait...it was going to be a day of aimless wandering.  Good thing there are pretty things to take pictures of around every corner, and maybe the prettiest things of all this weekend?  The autumn leaves.

It is sort of hard to believe it is still early and that the leaves are just going to get prettier and prettier over the next couple of weeks.  The question is, am I willing to fight the crowds to get the shot??  I'm still undecided!

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