Happy Thoughts

(Image from Tumblr)

It has been a busy week.  It has gone by pretty fast (thankfully), but I am very happy that it's almost the weekend!  Here are some other thoughts I am trying to keep at the forefront of my mind lately...

-Tomorrow is Friday, which means celebratory, "yay, weekend" coffee after work.  Yeah, it should be celebratory cocktails, but who wants to go out by themselves??  I'll have a gingerbread latte, then save my beer for home. (Oh, I'm gonna have a go at homemade gingerbread coffee creamer this weekend, so stay tuned!!)

-The leaves are finally beginning to change color! It's nice that things are finally starting to look and feel like fall.  I'm savoring the lovely cool weather...it's cool enough to wear a sweater, but not so cold that you need to bundle up (I'm not looking forward to that, but this is about happy thoughts, so we won't talk about it!)

-Horses make me happy (hence the photo - how pretty is that??).  Also cats.  I can't wait to see my mom and dad's cats in December!!

-New, super comfortable leggings from Slinky Feline.  I read about them on my favorite blog, The Londoner and decided to splurge on a pair since I have a lot of long flights coming up.  They arrived yesterday and were absolutely worth every penny!

-The Travellete blog did a recap of the Fall Instagram Challenge I did last month.  Two of my photos made the cut!!  I was really excited to see the photos I had taken on their blog.  (Click here to see for yourself!)

-Countdowns make me happy!  Only 34 more days til I fly to Dubai for the adventures to begin.

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