Happy Thoughts

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Brr!  Fall reared it's head this week in full force!  Temps have plummeted...no more chilly mornings and warm afternoons...we're talking frigid I-can-see-my-breath mornings and frigid turn-up-the-heat afternoons!  I am not a big fan of being cold, so I have been bundling up to stay nice and warm!  So, without further ado, here are some of my warm and cozy happy thoughts for the week.

-It's definitely hot chocolate weather and I am enjoying a nice steamy mug every evening!

-I broke down and bought a winter jacket to get me through the next month...it is definitely doing the trick!! My real winter jacket is waiting for me in the hot desert...how ironic!

-I have a heating unit in my classroom and I have full control over it.  I plan on taking full advantage of this so I am not shivering all day, every day.

-The sweetest notes from my kids (plastered all over my classroom door) and from their parents.  I am really lucky to have the class I do.

-Marathon TV watching.  I am loving The Vampire Diaries this season.  I was worried because most high school based shows go downhill when the main characters go off to college, but it is still so good!!

-Tomorrow is Friday and the Christmas Market opens in Umeda!  It's supposed to rain, so I will probably hold off on visiting until Saturday, but still, yay!

-So many plans to make and things to look forward to!  (Dubai, Vienna and the US in the near future...even Australia and New Zealand are in the works!!)

-19 more work days til I fly out.  NINETEEN Y'ALL!  I can count that on my fingers and toes, and oh boy am I excited.

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